EACOR Strategic planning with board members and stakeholders.

Eastern Africa Collaboration for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (EACOR) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya with NGO Coordination Board. Our work focuses on promotion of realisation of human rights with specific reference to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights commonly referred to as ECOSOC rights or ESCRs. These include issues related to right to food security, right to adequate water, clean environment and sanitation; right to accessible and affordable healthcare, right to education and right to social security. EACOR works for the benefit of the most vulnerable groups who are our primary beneficiaries.

EACOR as a collaboration of civil society organisations draws its members from both faith based and non-faith based civil society organisations (CSOs) including NGOs, Community based organisations, self-help groups such as women groups and youth groups.

EACOR’S Vision is Human Rights, Democratic, Dignified and Peaceful Societies.
This vision reflects our desire to have societies where people especially the poor and marginalised are empowered to act together to put in place fundamental systems that enable them to understand and demand for respect, protection and realisation of their human rights. It also reflects our desire to work together with vulnerable groups to create peaceful societies where people live in dignity.

EACOR’s Mission is to promote realisation of economic, social and cultural rights (ECOSOC rights).
The organisation aspires to do this by addressing systemic issues that hamper the enjoyment of ESCRs. Together with our member organisations we build the capacity of both rights holders and duty bearers to fully understand ESCRs to enable the rights holders to demand for their rights on the one hand and duty bearers to provide the necessary policy environment, financial support and programmes for the respect, protection and realisation of these rights.

Training duty bearers from Homabay and Migori counties on rights based approach to development.

Human rights awareness creation in Rangwe by trained TOT.

The values that guide EACOR in all its work are:

  • Commitment to Human Rights Principles.
  • Equality and Equity.
  • Integrity.
  • Ecumenism


  1. To enhance civic engagement and influence Policy reforms at the local (County) National and Regional level for realisation of economic social and cultural rights.
  2. To generate evidence based data that informs Human Rights practises for duty bearers and claim holders.
  3. To enhance the capacity of EACOR to be a well-resourced and sustainable Organization